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A bit about me

I've been interested in working with wood ever since high school when I built a 6' round kitchen table.  That table is still being used over 50 years later (although not as a kitchen table).  During the intervening years, my jobs were in the data processing industry.  I did everything from maintaining mainframe computers, programming, building PCs, and managing the data center for a mid sized bank.  While my jobs were always in data processing, I spent a lot of my off hours working with wood, but most of that was spend doing construction type projects.  I built decks, patio covers, remodeled homes, and even flipped a couple of houses.  Although, I did build the occasional piece of simple furniture; bookcases, coffee tables, a sewing machine cabinet, and a sewing cabinet.

A couple of years ago one of my daughters asked me to look at a couple of band saws she had found on Craig's list.  She was living in Alabama and the saws were in north Georgia, where I was.  At one of the places the guy was using a scroll saw when I arrived.  After looking at the band saw, I was admiring his work and he mentioned that he had a scroll saw that he was about to put on Craig's list.  I ended up buying both saws and a new hobby was born.